Who knew you could have a fire pit with almost no smoke?

Who knew you could have a fire pit with almost no smoke?

Have you ever found yourself canceling plans for a fun outdoor bonfire in an effort to avoid the smoke? That fire smell clings to clothes, blankets, chairs, you name it. But this stainless steel fire pit from Walmart is specially designed to minimize smoke while providing a hotter fire. The best part; This Solo Stove Bonfire is portable, meaning you can use it in your backyard, on your tailgate, or while camping.

So, how exactly does this excellent fire pit work? First of all, it has a patented design to reduce smoke while producing hotter flames. To do this, it has a double-wall design to maximize airflow, which, in turn, improves combustion. There are vents at the bottom of the pit that allow oxygen to feed the flames below. All of this makes for more efficient burning, which means less smoke. It also means that the logs you put in the pit will burn completely, which is safer and more convenient for you (none of that half-charred logs the next day).

And the best part is, you won’t find yourself playing musical chairs while dodging billowing smoke.

Solo Solo silver fireplace with fire burning in the center

This portable fire pit leaves no smoke or logs behind. (Photo: Walmart)

While the smokeless feature on this pit may be the most unique, don’t underestimate how versatile and easy it is to use thanks to its compact design. This fire pit is 19.5 inches wide by 14 inches tall and weighs just 20 pounds. Place it in your vehicle along with some pieces of firewood or small logs and enjoy all the benefits of a fire without that annoying smell.

Walmart offers this pit for under $300 and the reviews are amazing. This reviewer said he bought a total of three stoves:I am excited to have my Solo Bonfire. Its size makes it easy for me to place it in my deck. I was so happy with it that I bought one for my daughter in Maine and a retirement gift for a close friend who lives in Minnesota. My daughter and grandchildren love it. The first time she used it, she put it on top of the snow on her deck and it didn’t melt the snow.”

Another reviewer said the stove is easy to use with minimal cleaning thanks to efficient combustion: “Bonfire was super simple to set up for first use. With dry kindling and seasoned wood, it lit right up. The next morning I was surprised at how little ash was left on the stove. Great product at a great price.”

So stay toasty, bake some s’mores and rally around this clever little invention. While it will certainly attract friends and family, it won’t leave behind annoying smoke odors on your clothes. Get yours before they’re gone (these puppies tend to sell out).

The reviews listed above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication.

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