Kelly Craft visits Jackson’s Diner as part of the Kitchen Table campaign tour

Kelly Craft visits Jackson’s Diner as part of the Kitchen Table campaign tour

Sept. 23—Kelly Craft, former U.S. ambassador to Canada and the United Nations and Republican gubernatorial candidate, stopped by Jackson’s Diner Thursday night to share her campaign platform.

Craft is campaigning on a tour of mom and pop restaurants across the state. A Glasgow native, Craft said the kitchen table issues are why she is running for office.

“Growing up in a small community was so important to me. Because you think you have freedom, but you really don’t, because all your neighbors look out for you,” Craft said. “It was the most incredible upbringing… We miss family table and kitchen table themes. Those themes today are very different.”

Craft was appointed to her ambassadorships by former President Donald Trump and was a major donor to former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin.

In her remarks Thursday, Kraft criticized President Joe Biden and Gov. Andy Beshear and touched on issues such as fighting critical race theory, phasing out fentanyl and supporting law enforcement.

“If anybody, any community says they plan to defund the police, I can tell you (the community) will be paid back immediately. We owe it to law enforcement. We owe it to those who protect us,” Craft said.

Craft also talked about encouraging young people to enter the workforce, especially in technical jobs.

“College isn’t for everyone. Technical programs not only provide jobs, but they boost their creativity. Some of the smartest, smartest electricians I know started in tech, started in trade school,” Craft said.

Craft, who is married to coal producer Alliance Resource Partners CEO Joe Craft, said she wanted to protect and expand the coal industry.

The Republican nominee also reflected on her time as ambassador — calling the United Nations a pit of snakes.

Trump initially appointed Kraft as the US ambassador to Canada, where she played a role in facilitating the US-Mexico-Canada trade deal, Trump’s much-desired renewal of the North American Free Trade Agreement. The updated trade agreement has benefited workers, farmers and businesses in Kentucky and across the country, a release from Craft’s campaign said.

On Thursday, Craft said it was proud of its track record in doing business with China.

Craft took questions from the crowd before a meet and greet.

When asked what separated her from the other candidates running to unseat Gov. Beshear, Craft said she was not a career politician.

“I’m a non-career politician. I’ve served Donald Trump, not once, but twice, as the first female ambassador to Canada and then as ambassador to the United Nations. I’m a results-oriented leader… We need someone who doesn’t need a job, but it has to be over,” Craft said.

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