Kaitlyn Dever falls tragically in love with Romeo in Shakespearian Teen Romance

Kaitlyn Dever falls tragically in love with Romeo in Shakespearian Teen Romance

Before Romeo and Juliet, there was Romeo and Rosaline.

The prequel story of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is repeated with first set of star-crossed lovers to meet a heartbreaking end, as reimagined by novelist Rebecca Serle in her 2010 YA book “When You Were Mine.”

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Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber, the duo behind adaptations of “The Fault in Our Stars,” “The Disaster Artist” and the upcoming series “Daisy Jones and the Six,” wrote the script for the Hulu film “Rosaline” based on Searle’s novel. The film premieres on October 14 on the streaming platform.

Kaitlyn Dever stars as the eponymous character previously unseen and only mentioned in Shakespeare’s play. The film is described as a fresh comedic twist on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, where the classic love story is told from the perspective of Juliet’s cousin Rosaline… who happens to be Romeo’s ex-girlfriend.

“Space Oddity” and “West Side Story” star Kyle Allen plays the soon-to-be lovelorn Romeo, and Isabela Merced (“Father of the Bride,” “Dora the Explorer”) stars as Juliet, who steals Rosaline’s husband. Minnie Driver stars as The Nurse, with Bradley Whitford as Friar Laurence. Dever’s “Booksmart” co-star and director Nico Hiraga also stars.

“Rosaline” is directed by Karen Maine, the director behind the series “Yes, God, Yes” and “Starstruck”, who also wrote the story of “Obvious Child”.

According to the official synopsis, ‘Rosaline’ is a fresh and comedic twist on Shakespeare’s classic love story ‘Romeo & Juliet’, told by Juliet’s cousin Rosaline. (Dever), who is also Romeo’s recent love interest. Hurt when Romeo (Allen) meets Juliet (Merced) and begins to pursue her, Rosaline plans to thwart the famous romance and win her husband back.

“Rosaline” in part acts as a who’s who of Gen Z Hollywood, with star Dever in the Emmy-nominated “Dopesick” and starring in the upcoming Julia Roberts and George Clooney divorce film “Ticket to Paradise.” . Merced will appear in the MCU episode “Madame Web” alongside Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney, as well as Hannah Marks’ “Turtles All the Way Down.” And our Romeo 2.0 Allen will take on the role of the popular cartoon character He-Man in the live-action Masters of the Universe remake.

Emmy nominee Dever told IndieWire that she follows her “gut” and intuition when choosing roles.

“It’s pretty clear as soon as I read something,” the “Incredibles” actress explained. “There’s a real, immediate, like a full-body physical and emotional reaction that makes me feel so desperate to want to be a part of these kinds of projects. I want to keep looking for that, chasing that feeling and looking for the projects that I think will make an impact in some way. Because that’s the best combination of something in a job that I can do, where I can do what I love, but also be a part of something that’s going to move the needle forward or start a conversation in some way.”

Watch the trailer for ‘Rosaline’ below.

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