Africa week in pictures: 16

Africa week in pictures: 16

A selection of the week’s best photos from across the continent and beyond:

Short presentation gray line

Short presentation gray line

A woman on a sandy beach with a bag standing in front of boats.  She wears a blue dress and yellow head wrap and looks on.

On Saturday a woman in Bargny, east of Senegal’s capital Dakar, collects trash along the coast on World Cleanup Day – dedicated to tackling litter around the world and creating a more sustainable environment…

A woman wearing a colorful outshift smiles broadly with her arms outstretched.  It's out on what looks like a beach.

They seem to be having more fun in Cape Town, South Africa as they partake in the same activity at Hout Bay Beach.

Miss Egypt Hager Mohamed wearing a denim jacket and black dress is photographed in front of a mountain of plastic trash.  She wears a sheet that reads: Miss Egypt 2022.

There’s more trash on the same day as Miss Egypt Hager Mohamed takes a selfie next to a mountain of plastic trash, part of a project by NGO The VeryNile to build the world’s largest plastic pyramid using trash collected from the Nile River.

A man sits on dirt with two baskets of green olives behind him.  There are green trees in the distance.

Staying in Egypt on the same day, there is less garbage and more food, as a farmer sits next to baskets of olives in the village of al-Qatta in Giza.

A man pouring yellow liquid into rectangular containers.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday in Cairo, a factory worker makes candy dolls for the Mawlid holiday, which marks the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

Wizkid hanging in the air, wearing a yellow jumpsuit.  There is bright light behind him.

Away from Egypt, in the French capital, Paris, Nigerian musician Wizkid performs at the AccorHotels arena on Friday, just two days after the release of his latest single, Bad To Me.

Two young women smiling and posing for a photo with their drinks.  It looks like night and behind them are orange fairies.

There is more music and partying in Uganda on Friday as these young people attend the four-day electronic music festival called Nyege Nyege, which brings together musicians from across the continent…

More young women dancing.  The woman in the middle is wearing sunglasses and smiling.

The Ugandan government had previously threatened to ban the event, saying it promoted sex and drug use.

A man posing for a photo in a church stands next to a photo of the Queen.  There is a large cross that hides it.

Away from the parties, a man takes a picture inside one of Kenya’s oldest churches – All Saints’ Cathedral in Nairobi – on Sunday at a memorial service for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Two women sitting on a sofa in a house.  Their heads are turned looking at the television screen showing the Queen's funeral procession.  One woman wears a blue outfit with a yellow head wrap and the other wears pants and a blue shirt.

The next day, two women attend the Queen’s funeral procession from Johannesburg, South Africa.

A man wearing white face paint with a colorful ornate hat and pink outfit.  His eyes are closed and he makes an expressive expression.

There are animated scenes in Cape Town on Wednesday after it was announced that the annual Cape Town Minstrel Carnival would return after an absence due to the coronavirus pandemic…

A man in colorful pink and white clothing wearing an ornate hat is posing and walking.

The festival usually takes place every year on January 2 and is a colorful parade full of music and dance.

Woman carrying a package of food on her head in a protest.  Her arms are out and she has a wide expression on her face.  There seems to be commotion behind her.

In Lagos, on Monday, there is a demonstration by the National Union of Nigerian Students who are angry about a long strike by their teachers, which means they have no classes for seven months.

A man tries to bring a bell to life in the gym.  He has a strained expression on his face.

Back to South Africa on the same day, where this man is pushing himself to the gym in a township in Johannesburg. The iKasi gym is a short walk from the home of the late anti-apartheid activist and former South African president, Nelson Mandela.

Zebras walking in the countryside.  There are rangers walking behind them with heavy backpacks.

There are breathtaking scenes in Kenya on Saturday as rangers take part in a half-marathon for the Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2022, where rangers run 21 kilometers (13 miles) while also carrying a heavy rucksack over difficult terrain.

Two men engage in wrestling.  They are shirtless and have what looks like chalk on their bodies.

Adrenaline is also flowing in Sudan on Friday as these men take part in traditional Nuba wrestling, which has its roots in the Nuba Mountains.

Hanging, round, colorful artwork.

Return to South Africa on Thursday, where beautiful works of art are on display at Constitution Hill Women’s Prison in Johannesburg as part of the Keiskamma Art Project, which aims to preserve the oral history of the rural Eastern Cape.

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